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Complicated Systems Made Simple, Since 1995
Comfort Shouldn't be Seen, or Heard.

We specialize in designing heating, ventilating and cooling systems for clients with challenging architectural designs, and we think you'll appreciate what we can bring to your next HVAC challenge.

Many of our homes we have designed heating and cooling systems for are in Architectural Digest, high end home magazines and have won awards for LEED standards and historical significance.

We specialize in designing state of the art heating and cooling systems for high end homes on Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Cambridge, the western suburbs, Cape Cod, Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard, the lakes of New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island. We understand a families home no matter how large is still a living room, a master bedroom, a quiet retreat and we understand how to design systems that will keep you comfortable year round.

Many of our designs incorporate the latest in:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems 
  • Solar PV and solar thermal systems 
  • The latest in sound and vibration technology to create quiet systems
  • High efficiency gas and oil heating systems
  • Indoor pool heating and dehumidifying systems
  • High end kitchen ventilation and make up air systems
  • Nortec clean steam humidifiers
  • High efficiency air filters
  • Air-to-air heat exchangers
  • Wine cellar systems

At Sun Engineering, our systems are designed to complement, not interfere.


BTU’s - British Thermal Units
A measurement of heat and cooling used in the heating and cooling business. All equipment is rated in BTU’s. The higher the number, the more heating or cooling you have. One BTU is equal to the heat a single wood match produces when burning.


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